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The way I looked into your eyes. Your light brown eyes. The way we held that stare when we were talking. I haven’t felt that way is so long. It made me feel safe inside. Like there was more to be discovered. I’m at a spot in my life right now that I can’t figure out. I feel stuck. No where to go, no where to hide. It’s like claustrophobia but inside. Mentally. I feel like my future is set. I don’t want it to be set. I want to be free. And that boy. He gave me that by just a look in his eyes. I felt free.


daelinbreanne464 asked: Do you love me? <3 I miss you.

Yes I love you


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Anonymous asked: You are so Pretttyy!!! Omg. And I love this blog. Describes me perfectly. I just wanted to tell you this. Bye.!

Lol Thanks.! And I try(: Have a nice day.! Your pretty yourself.

This song has memories. This song is the song me and my best friend sung at a school dance. It got me out of my comfort zone. And I want to wish her happy birthday today. I love you Lexie.!